You have chosen to give up and allow yourself to be abducted by aliens. Have fun with that.
You are sucked up through the hole in the bottom, and you are hit with a wave of cool air from the ship. The door of the hole you came through now closes, and you stand on top of it, surrounded by at least ten weird, humanoid thingies staring at you with big, beady eyes that seem to be judging you.
You stare back at the creatures. Part of you wants to speak, but you hold your tongue. They might not even understand you anyway.
To your surprise, one of your abductors speaks: "You are of the human sort, yes?"
You nod.
The alien that spoke looked at one of their fellow aliens and nodded. You stand there silently, shaking out of fear of your fate. A thousand questions race through your mind: Are they going to probe you? Are they going to ask you questions about life on Earth? Are they going to kill you and examine you? Will your cadaver be dissected by college students on whatever planet these creatures came from? Or are they going to send you back and study you?
After a very awkward moment, one of the taller aliens says politely, "Come with me, please."
You're not exactly in a position to say no, so when the alien turns and swaggers down a hallway, you follow. You are taken to a room with a simple arm chair, which you are told to sit down in.
"You will wait here until it's time." says the alien.
Time for what, you wonder, but before you can reply, the door is closed and locked.
So what do you do?