Actually, it's aliens.
The square flies toward you at an alarming speed. The winds rustling the grass grow stronger, almost knocking you down. You continue to stare at the sky, at the extraterrestrial ship floating above you.
As the square gets closer you see that it's not actually a square at all, but a typical saucer-shaped ship. You're a bit disappointed in the aliens for living up to humanity's standards. What's next, a beam of light coming from the bottom?
The UFO slows down as it arrives just above you, hovering quietly, as if the inhabitants were unsure what to do next. You are completely in its shadow, all you see is the bottom, which seemed to be a bit scuffed up, perhaps from training exercises. That almost annoyed you, because if you're going to be kidnapped by extraterrestrials then you're going to be kidnapped by professional extraterrestrials, gosh darn it.
Suddenly, you are hit by a blinding light coming from the bottom of the ship. Just as you expected, you're being beamed up, and you sigh as you casually begin to levitate.
Do you struggle, or do you allow yourself to be abducted?